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Civil engineering work in LaSalle, Montreal and surrounding areas

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Conception PLHP is here to help with all your civil engineering projects. Does the parking lot at your business need to be resurfaced? You can count on us for results that will exceed your expectations. With our turnkey service, we’ll manage the process every step of the way.

Whether you need concrete formwork, retaining walls or installation of a stormwater management system, we always take the time to thoroughly evaluate your project so we can offer you the most professional service possible.

Thanks to our expertise and specialized machinery, we can guarantee that your project will be executed quickly and safely. What’s more, we are meticulous about ensuring that the work progresses according to the agreed schedule.

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Parking lot construction and repair
  • Installation of sewer systems and water mains
  • Soil decontamination
  • Concrete formwork
  • Installation of all types of retaining walls
  • Installation of stormwater management systems

Whether we’re working in the commercial, industrial, institutional or municipal sector, we consistently provide all our clients with the same excellent level of service.

Soil decontamination

When the time comes to undertake excavation work, some sites require soil decontamination to be performed beforehand in order to comply with the environmental regulations of Quebec. In situations like these, we’re committed to removing and disposing of the contaminated soil in accordance with all applicable laws.


Stormwater management, water mains and sewers

When you need a stormwater management system installed, you can count on the members of the Conception PLHP team, who have been specially trained in civil engineering. With all the necessary equipment and expertise to complete every phase of the work, from planning to execution, we can also install water mains and sewer lines. We are adamant about observing all of the environmental regulations currently in effect at each worksite location.

gestion des eaux pluviales

Retaining walls

In order to prevent the risk of possible landslides, before initiating the construction of a retaining wall, our team evaluates the soil to ascertain the load it can support. We then install the footings for the wall to ensure that the load is properly distributed across the ground. Before proceeding with the construction of your retaining wall, our team will be happy to advise you as to the choice of materials and the required drainage system.

muret de soutènement en béton naturel

At Conception PLHP, in addition to being licensed by the Quebec Building Authority (RBQ: 5732-6746-01), we’re also determined to offer you incomparable service and work that meets only the highest standards of the industry.

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