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Experts in foundation crack repair

Causes and consequences of a cracked foundation

If you’ve noticed a problem with water leaks, moisture, foul odors or the presence of mold and mildew in your basement, it’s important to take the situation seriously. Cracks in your concrete foundation can have dire consequences for the rest of your home, so it’s essential to act quickly.

Cracks can appear as a result of various factors:

  • Temperature fluctuations: successive periods of frost and thaw can alter the density and volume of the components of your land. As a result, the foundation can be lifted up, change the direction it slopes or warp, either vertically or laterally.
  • Land subsidence: settling or sinking of the ground.
  • Insufficient heating.
  • Concrete that’s in poor condition or contaminated by pyrite.
  • Shrinkage of the concrete while curing.

Foundation cracks: proven repair techniques

Conception PLHP works in close collaboration with Krytex, a trusted partner offering proven products and methods for repairing cracks. Recognized for more than 25 years for their superior quality and durability, Krytex products are made by engineers to offer a solution that can adapt to any problem with cracks or fissures.

Our team will perform a rigorous camera-aided visual inspection in order to pinpoint the source of the problem. We make it a priority to fully understand your situation so we can offer you solutions that are perfectly adapted to your specific needs. In order to obtain lasting results, cracks in concrete must be repaired in keeping with best practices. That’s why it’s so important to do business with a company that specializes in this area!

Our crack repair services

The types of problems we can address include:

  • Fine and wide cracks
  • Water seepage through capillary action
  • Deteriorated or damaged concrete
  • Dry or structural cracks of more than 1 mm
  • Fine structural cracks
  • Water leakage or seepage after rainstorms

Although the products don’t adhere as well in cold weather, crack repair work can be done during any season. Our team of experts is available all year long to assist you in your repair work.

réparation d’une fissure de fondation avec membrane

For a watertight foundation, contact Conception PLHP

For foundation crack repairs, formwork services or residential and commercial concrete pouring, you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of Conception PLHP! We can travel to LaSalle, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Laval, and throughout Montreal, including the West Island, to serve you.

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