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At Conception PLHP, we specialize in the design, modification and construction of load-bearing walls, the installation of wood or metal beams and the development and implementation of complex architectural projects. We take pride in creating solid, durable structures that are capable of supporting the weight of a building and that comply with the strictest established regulations. When you choose Conception PLHP, you can rest assured that we’ll work with you to create the perfect structure for your building project, using the most advanced methods and best available materials.

Removal of load-bearing walls

Because a load-bearing wall is an essential structural component, removing it can undermine the safety and stability of the building, often in unpredictable ways. That’s why it’s crucial to engage the services of professionals, such as the team at Conception PLHP, for jobs of this type. We’ll evaluate the effect that the removal of a load-bearing wall could have on the structure of the building and develop a safe, effective solution to compensate for the loss of support. Our team of experts will make sure to perform every step of the work in accordance with the highest standards of quality, including the implementation of appropriate safety precautions during the removal process.

Wood and metal beam installation


Installing a beam may seem like a simple job; however, it requires extensive expertise in structural work, as the beam will have to support part of the building. The team at Conception PLHP has the necessary skills and tools to evaluate structural loads and beam requirements in order to select the appropriate materials (whether wood or metal). Our engineers and other experts will make the necessary calculations to guarantee that the dimensions of the beam are correct and that the installation complies with current quality standards and safety regulations.

Architectural project design


The construction of a new building requires specific expertise and a meticulously coordinated multidisciplinary approach. The job of the architect is to design the visual and functional aspects of the building, while the structural engineers are responsible for designing the structural elements, including foundations, columns, beams and floors, in order to guarantee that the building is stable and secure.


This is where Conception PLHP comes in, offering specialized expertise in the planning and implementation of structural elements. Our team of engineers has in-depth knowledge of construction science and technology, as well as the rules and regulations related to safety and durability. The certified carpenters and construction workers at Conception PLHP also have the necessary training to work in close collaboration with the building engineers to ensure flawless execution of the structural plans. In short, Conception PLHP guarantees the safe, stable, durable implementation of your architectural design.

Whether your project is in Greater Montreal, the North Shore area or the West Island, Conception PLHP is the company you need. If you have any questions or would like to get an estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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