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Excavation for a
home addition

A home add-on project may require excavation work involving the use of specialized equipment to install a wider or deeper foundation that can adequately support the new structure. While performing the work, it’s important to pay careful attention to the existing building to minimize any risks of damaging it. The equipment operators must take certain precautions, such as maintaining a sufficient distance from the existing structure to avoid subjecting it to excessive vibration.

Casting and waterproofing new foundations

When adding on to a home, casting and waterproofing the foundation are crucial steps that will help ensure optimal stability and durability. The new foundation must effectively resist moisture, water penetration and other environmental factors that could potentially damage it. It’s possible to mitigate these problems by applying a waterproof sealant, installing a drainage system, using a protective barrier or injecting resin in the cracks and joints of the foundation. It’s important to call on the services of professionals to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the waterproofing work.

Installing the structure of the new addition

Once the design of the foundation is complete, you can count on Conception PLHP to construct the framework of your new home addition. Our technical expertise and adherence to deadlines, as well as our dedication to worksite safety and customer satisfaction, are just some of the advantages of doing business with our company. Our commitment to quality, excellent service and honest communication offers you peace of mind you’ll seldom find elsewhere.

Besides having the necessary equipment and skill to carry out your home addition project, Conception PLHP can assist you with the design in order to ensure that the planning and construction of the new foundation and structure meet the very highest standards of quality. We can also help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits to perform the work.

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